Winrock - U.S. Programs

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program

In partnership with the Arkansas Energy Office, U.S. Programs increased the use of energy efficiency and conservation strategies in municipalities and rural areas throughout Arkansas. The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program (EECBG), administered by U.S. Programs, offered educational resources to all Arkansans and funding to select local governments through a competitive grant process.

The State of Arkansas EECBG Program was funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. EECBG was a grant program available to small communities and counties in Arkansas. The program funded energy efficiency and conservation improvement projects and renewable energy installation.

Winrock International’s U.S. Programs was the contractor for Arkansas’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program and administered the grant application process as well as provided necessary technical assistance to help grant recipients implement their projects efficiently and effectively.

Bioenergy Research

The mid-South has the opportunity to play an important role in developing a strong domestic renewable energy sector. Winrock’s U.S. Programs staff and a Winrock consultant contributed to an extensive study of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley and its potential in renewable energy.

Winrock’s role in this important collaboration resulted in three subreports that were included in the study. Winrock contributed reports covering the Environmental Considerations of Bioenergy in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, Assessment of Agricultural and Forest Biomass Resources in the Mid Portion of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, and Bioenergy Products and Processes of Particular Interest in the Mid-south Region.

Our track record as an independent third party led the Arkansas Economic Development Commission to request U.S. Program’s review of the status of bioenergy in Arkansas. The resulting Status Report: Bioenergy in Arkansas indicates that Arkansas is rich in bioenergy sources and room exists for growth in this important industry.