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    Winrock International U.S. Programs addresses the challenges facing the development of small communities around the country through technology and business, community and economy, energy and environment and agricultural development.
  • Technology & Business

    Through actions such as technology commercialization, entrepreneur assistance programs and manufacturing support, Winrock International U.S. Programs works to support and improve technology and manufacturing with a goal of improving the state’s per capita income.
  • Community & Economy

    Winrock International U.S. Programs supports rural community economic development by helping research and develop community building strategies that increase community residents’ standard of living.
  • Energy & Environment

    By increasing the production of Arkansas alternative fuels, exploring energy efficiency and conservation and providing bioenergy research, Winrock International U.S. Programs works to promote clean transportation technology.
  • Agile Agriculture

    Winrock’s Arkansas Rural Enterprise Center is focused on providing assistance to minority and socially-disadvantaged groups. Introducing improved technologies will perpetuate the growth of the state’s agricultural and rural development communities.
  • About Us

    Discover the employees that make up Winrock International U.S. Programs, including background information, contact numbers and emails, and more.
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    Have a question about how Winrock International U.S. Programs can help you? Fill out the contact us form and let us know what we can do for you.